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Unicor(Thailand) Company Limited, the first and only distributor of Digital Door Lock in Thailand
Would it be better if your door Is the door lock system Digital Door Lock?
If you are a person who has often forgotten the keys Or don't want to carry a lot of keys Want to be comfortable You have to choose a digital door lock. Because of Unicor's digital door bolts Can open / close up to 6 ways and more importantly, you can still use the mobile phone to order Without having to connect the electrical system, using only 4 batteries, it can be used for 1 year


Raise the door security level Digital Door Lock !
Digital Door Lock  has many notification systems such as
1. Notify when the door is left open.
2. Notify when invasion
3. Notify when the wrong code is entered
4. Alert when there is a fire incident (Temperature over 65 degrees)
Which the general door latch cannot be done Thus making the door lock Digital Door Lock popular And widely used in foreign countries Especially in Korea With over 80% users
Digital Door Lock comes with design And modern appearance

Suitable for users in the Digital Life Style 4.0 era, especially mobile order mode Which makes the Digital Door Lock easy to install, can be used with many doors Suitable for homes, condominiums, offices, condominium units or even small SME businesses, business for renting rooms. Including a small hotel (Airbnb) as well